about the oz poetic society

The Oz Poetic Society1 was fashioned through an idea of an Australian poet, who along his endeavours discovered the lack of poetry resources freely available to a poet in Australia.

Australia once had a deep rooted poetry heritage that dated back to the pioneers. Since the days of the humble pioneer era, the market for poetry eroded consistently on a year to year basis. With a diminishing market, support bases begin to feel the repercussions rippling outwards; people lose interest and turn their attention in other directions, leaving poetry to fade into the distance.

Locating and acquiring  resources had since become somewhat of a challenge, particularly regarding manuscript guidelines, general guidelines of publishers and the tender subject of contracts to name but a few, all of which is a foreign language to a poet just finding their feet.

Nevertheless, on a positive note, various foreign countries had stepped up to the challenge to raise the awareness and bring life and support to poetry. This is where the revival began and this is where Australia needed to step up and join the cause; enter the Oz Poetic Society.

The Oz Poetic Society continues to work tirelessly behind the scenes for the benefit of the visitors to the site.

Remember, the Oz Poetic Society is here for you, the poet. If you have a request for assistance, please do not hesitate to search  the site and/or contact us.


1 1998-2006. The Oz Poetic Society was known under its original title: The Australian Poetic Society.